‘Bones’ season 8, episode 16 review: Cam’s daughter is in town, Finn is delighted

BonesOn tonight’s episode of “Bones” season 8, we were kinda hoping that there would be a little after affect from last week’s traumatic episode where Brennan got shot, but it seems that everything is back to normal and Brennan’s run in with death and faith hasn’t changed her one bit.

When Cam’s daughter, Michelle, comes back into town she tells Finn that she wants to keep her visit on the down low so that she can spend the weekend with him in private.  Against his better judgement he decides to keep his girlfriend’s secret from Cam and enjoy the weekend with her.

While at the lab Michelle sends Finn a bunch of text messages, and Cam starts to get curious, but as time goes on he can’t keep the secret and blurts it out to Cam while working on a case.  He tells her that Michelle’s in town and staying with him, and Cam tells him that he made a mistake telling her because his trust with Michelle is going to be broken for nothing.  Cam devises a plan for her to run into Finn and Michelle so that she can find out Michelle’s in town without Finn admitting that he told Cam.

While Finn and Michelle are out on the street, Cam “runs” into them and she fakes being angry at Michelle for sneaking into town and not telling her.  Michelle apologizes to Cam for not telling her that she was in town but Cam tells them both off and walks away, leaving Finn as the hero in their relationship.  Later Michelle comes to the lab to talk to Cam, but Cam decides that she can’t keep the secret any longer and tells her that Finn blabbed.  They both decide to let Finn off the hook and Michelle asks if there is anything else. Cam tells her that she’s dating Arastoo and Michelle is really happy for them.

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