Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Final 2 deals; videos from home

Monte Taylor Big BrotherAs we approach the end of day 73 in the Big Brother 24 house, one thing is starting to feel very much clear: We’re going to be in for a long next few days of constant game-talks that go nowhere.

Is it possible that at some point, Monte could change his mind when it comes to who he wants to take to the final three? Absolutely, but after winning the Power of Veto early this morning, he feels pretty set in his ways: He’s taking Turner and getting out Brittany.

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What makes this whole ordeal a little bit funnier is that as of right now, Brittany pretty much knows her goose is cooked. While she hasn’t been formally told, she realizes that Monte has no incentive to bring her since he’ll think that she would take Taylor to final two over him — which is true. He also told her previously he doesn’t think there’s any way their trust can be repaired in the game. The only case to take her is that he has a better chance of winning at final two, but it makes it so that he has to win the final Head of Household Competition to make that happen. We do actually think that Taylor will try to convince him to boot Turner, but it’s not going to work. Even with the showmance, Monte still seems to have his own mind and he’s going to go with what improves his own odds of winning the game.

On an emotional note…

Everyone left got video messages from home, which we’re sure will be a part of an upcoming episode. Cynical as we can be at times, isn’t this nice?

Final two deals!

We know that Turner and Monte have one, but interestingly earlier today Monte danced around telling Turner for sure that he is still taking him. Then, he tried to make one with Taylor later. It’s clear that this is the direction he’s going now … and Taylor kinda-sorta agreed to it. We still think she wants to keep her options open with Brittany, though she almost certainly won’t be there.

What do you think will happen in Big Brother 24 tomorrow?

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