Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: What will the new HoH do?

Taylor Hale Big Brother

We know that there is a new Head of Household within Big Brother 24 — but what is this person going to do? What’s there to be excited about at the moment? Quite a bit, as we think that Taylor’s HoH win does set in motion a lot of big scenarios moving forward through the next several days.

For now, there are a few things to consider here. She likely knows that the nominations are not that important; the Veto is. This is the thing that really controls what happens this time around. If Taylor wins the game and her #1 concern is winning, the #1 thing that she can do is keep Brittany there. She might get Michael’s jury vote and that’s about it. Monte and Turner are significantly bigger threats who have a lot of stuff on their resume right now, though we think Monte is the bigger threat of the two due to his A+ jury management so far. Yet, Monte is her showmance. (Granted, none of this matters if Taylor does not win Veto.) Brittany almost certainly goes if either Monte or Turner win Veto unless they betray each other.

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First, let’s talk the aftermath of the HoH Competition. Brittany tried her best to play dumb after casting a vote to evict Taylor, blaming it on Turner itself. Turner insisted to Monte that he didn’t do it, and both Monte and Taylor seem to believe him. Taylor claims she doesn’t fault Brittany still for playing the game, which does make us think she could still want to keep her until final three even after all this. Why? Taylor is ALSO just playing the game. We’ll see if she says something more specific later on in the night, but we really do think that she will consider first and foremost her best path to the money, even if Brittany did a reckless move that reminded us further how bad she is at the game without Michael around.

For those wondering, Brittany and Taylor have already also had a private conversation, one where Brittany continued to try to be as friendly and kind and supportive as possible. We do think Taylor sees right through it, but does it matter? This week is all about the Veto and everyone knows it, and since there is often a memory component to these comps, Brittany does have a really good chance at winning it.

What do you think is going to happen when it comes to Taylor’s HoH reign in Big Brother 24 this time around?

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