‘Top Chef: Seattle’ finale rankings: Will Sheldon Simeon, Brooke Williamson win?

Top Chef: SeattleOn Wednesday night, the finale for “Top Chef: Seattle” will begin, and we will be able to officially bear witness to the culinary battle of the ages. The three chefs who make it there have definitely been through a lot, and this includes dozens of challenges whether it be quickfires, eliminations, or fighting it out in “Last Chance Kitchen.”

What’s also interesting about the final episode for this show is that you can’t really factor editing in to who ends up winning the entire competition? Why? Thank the Bravo show’s filming schedule. The finale could not even start taping until very recently thanks to the “Save a Chef” voting, so these remaining chefs have already been at home and seen some of what they have done over the course of the season.

Our rankings this week, with the editing of the contestants factored out, are really all about one thing: who is the most capable of cooking their way to the title?

3. The “Last Chance Kitchen” winner – Regardless of who ends up winning this webseries and joining the competition, it is ultimately rather hard to imagine them being better-equipped to win than either chef who is used to being in the competition itself. Kristen Kish probably has the best chances out of anyone, largely because her elimination was basically the result of being too ambitious, and she has a good many challenge victories behind her.

2. Sheldon Simeon – Sheldon is a little bit of a wild card: some weeks he’s brilliant, and other weeks he’s subpar. The good thing about the finale being shot recently is that it gave him a little time to fix the bad momentum he has been running on as of late, and he may have learned quite a bit from watching himself on TV. He’s got his work cut out for him, but he may appreciate and embrace his underdog status.

1. Brooke Williamson – Regardless of who comes back in and how focused Sheldon is, this is really Brooke’s contest to lose right now. She’s consistently been among the strongest chefs in the competition, has won the most challenges, and consistently has made the most daring food. If she does lose, it won’t be because of a lack of effort; she will likely swing for the fences, which will either lead to great reward or great disappointment.

Who is your pick to win “Top Chef”? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and you can also read more about the “Last Chance Kitchen” finale over at the link here.

Photo: Bravo


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