Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Elijah Wood, others show solidarity

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1

We’re a few episodes into The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power at this point, and what the show has done to expand Middle-earth is fundamentally incredible. Who would’ve ever thought that the medium of television would be able to produce something so expansive, and create something that fits right within what we saw in the Peter Jackson movies?

Unfortunately, there are elements of the series that have been met with unnecessary and quite frankly hateful backlash, as a lot of it stems from internet trolls attacking the series and certain cast members for their race. It’s one of the reasons why the show was review-bombed upon release, as there are certain corners of the internet who can’t stand the fact of anything looking different than what they envision in their head. In particular, Ismael Cruz Córdova has faced the brunt of much of the unfair attacks for his role of Arondir.

In response to all of this, many cast members from the Amazon series, plus the original feature films, have stood together in solidarity. Just take a look at what Elijah Wood and Sean Astin posted on Twitter! The official Rings of Power account has also spoken out against the racist and cruel attacks, and we hope that over time, some of this will come to a halt. This show has opened up Middle-earth to even more people than it was previously accessible to, and we do not understand how, in any universe, this is a bad thing.

The Rings of Power is near the midway point of the first season, and it will get there come late Thursday/early Friday when episode 4 premieres. Our hope with that is that Arondir does have a chance to meet some other characters who have been established so far, and also that all of these characters find a greater sense of acceptance for who they are as opposed to unfair attacks on their race or background.

Are you glad to see The Rings of Power cast receiving such support amidst the attacks?

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