ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 14 review: The death of [spoiler]; ghosts at sea

Revenge“Revenge” has been leading up to Sunday night’s new episode all season long, and after having the chance to check it out, we understand why. This was a fast-paced and thrilling hour that reminded us of what we liked about this show to begin with: shocking moments, intensity, and a story that was soapy, but still clear. Much of the confusion of the first half of the season was gone, and instead we had an episode here with defined villains, and an ending you will be talking about for some time.

While Conrad Grayson and the rest of his family were busy making the big announcement that he was going to be running for Governor (which is pretty shocking considering his arrest and whatnot, even if he did get let off), Jack and Amanda were fighting for their lives on a honeymoon trip that ended up failing very badly. Nate Ryan was hidden on board the ship waiting to destroy everyone in his path, and their story quickly became a battle for survival.

So did they both survive? Sadly, no. While Amanda managed to actually save her new husband and keep him from passing away at sea, she could not do the same to save herself. The strangest part about the way in which she said goodbye was merely that were it not for her own decision to go back for the necklace prior to the boat exploding, she probably would be alive right about now.

As for Nate Ryan, the only good news is that this horrible man went down with the ship. We wish that Emily would be able to start feeling a little bit safer, but that is simply not going to happen with the Grayson family still in power. Instead, all we have is pain as Emily has lost a woman who was one of her longest allies, and a woman whose name she adopted in order to survive in anonymity in the Hamptons.

Overall, what did you think about this episode … and did you see the ending coming? If you want to go back and watch some clips from “Sacrifice,” you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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