‘Mad Men’ season 6: Jessica Pare talks viewers reaction to Megan Draper

Jessica Pare

Many “Mad Men” fans were not all that thrilled when Don and Betty Draper got divorced and were even less impressed when Don married Megan, but for the fans out there (like us) that love Megan we were excited to hear that she also loves the character.

What we love about Megan (played by Jessica Pare) is that she brings out a softer side of Don, one that not only smiles more, but is a lot more open about his past – something that has been held back from Betty (and from the viewers) for years.  Megan is also outrageous, something that scares and excited Don in a way that he’s never felt before.  While speaking to Elle Canada, Pare said that she loves the character of Megan because she’s “spontaneous”.  She said:

“How can you not love Megan? I do. People will react to me as an actor, though. Everybody has their opinions – I’m the worst about, like, ‘Oh, I don’t like that actress’ for no reason. So I understand that, but I think the character is fantastic. She’s so spontaneous and genuine. I think I have a bit of a darker edge than she does, although it may not be the first thing people think about me because I am outgoing and I like to joke. That used to be how I judged the quality of my auditions.”

When Pare went to the “Mad Men” audition she didn’t realize that she was auditioning for the future Mrs Draper, she thought that it was going to be for just another one of Don’s many women, so when she later learned that her character would be around for a while she was thrilled.  She said:

“I didn’t know what I was auditioning for, but the character description was ‘brunette female.’ I was like, ‘Check and check!’ I had no idea what the part would turn into.  The first time Megan and Don kissed, the costumer turned to me and was like, ‘Well, it was great working with you, buddy.’ And then it turned into being Mrs. Draper, which I still can’t f—ing believe. I’m so grateful.”

Even though there are many people who hoped that the season finale of “Mad Men” season 5 meant the end of Megan Draper, the fact is she will be back for season 6 and it looks like she will be here to stay for a while still.  With the tension that was left between Megan and Don, now that Megan’s acting career is taking off, it’s sure to lead to all kinds of problems for these two love birds, but will they divorce?  Leave us a comment and tell us if you think Megan will remain Don’s wife or if you think they will go their separate ways.

Photo: AMC

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