‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: The difference for Mrs. Patmore

Downton AbbeyBefore Sunday night’s “Downton Abbey” season 3 finale airs in America, we have one more bit of scoop to share from someone who certainly has quite a bit going on for the hour and a half: Mrs. Patmore herself in Lesley Nicol. (Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

During the actual episode, you see Nicol’s character quickly fall for a man who she imagines is interested in marring her, only to later discover that his intentions are really nothing of the sort. Rather, his only real interest when it comes to her is just ensuring that he has a person who is going to be willing to care for him at home while he goes out and gallivants himself around much of England.

So what will come next for the Patmore character after this in season 4? While we know already that Nicol wants to see her actually find some sort of real love, we’re quite sure that this is especially not going to come easy for her now … especially after she has gone through something that makes her skeptical as to whether or not anyone is interested in being with her for the right reasons. Anticipate her continuing to wrestle with this now that some of her innocence and joy is gone; meanwhile, she is going to continue to have her hands full trying to keep the downstairs half of the abbey in order as one of the cooks.

Based on what Nicol said recently in an interview with Vulture, it actually seems as though the servants tend to have a great deal more fun while the series is actually shooting:

“We get told off quite a lot … It’s a different atmosphere than upstairs, which has nothing to do with the actors. They’re just more restrained upstairs because they’re filming in somebody else’ house, a fancy house with expensive stuff around. They can’t be too giddy. The servants are on a set, so we can be more ourselves. The spirits are high downstairs!”

Who would have imagined that the servants would have most of the fun? Let’s just hope that it lasts as we move deeper into the new season, and that there is nothing too serious along the lines of inprisonments, heartbreak, or cancer scares.

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Photo: ITV

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