Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Taylor’s big Terrance debate

Taylor Hale Big BrotherWe’ll admit that for a good chunk of the day, we’ve been waiting for some jaw-droppers when it comes to the Big Brother 24 live feeds. Well, let’s just say that Taylor gave us some of the goods in her conversation with Terrance tonight.

Of course, he’s going to do everything that he can to fight to stay in the game, but the problem in his campaign with her was that he didn’t really give her a lot of strategic reasons why he was better than Alyssa, who he’s on the block against. Sure, they can work together … but they haven’t for most of the game. He tried to make an argument about them ensuring there was another Black winner two seasons in a row … but this was coming from a guy who was interested in keeping Kyle over her last week. By the way, she called him out on that to his face! She’s struggling with this decision a lot internally.

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The moment that Taylor mentioned that to Terrance, we think he knew he was in trouble. He needs to figure out a specific angle. He did push going after Michael and Brittany, but Taylor knows that everyone in the game has been going after Michael. It’s not just him. He needs to actually remind her that he’s been leading the charge against Michael for a while (ever since Dyre Fest) and also swallow his pride a little bit. If he notes to her that he’s easier to beat at the end versus Alyssa, he may have more of a chance.

Do we think that Taylor is going to think about keeping Terrance? Sure, if for no other reason than that she thinks she’s got a shot versus him both in comps and at the end of the game. It won’t because she likes him enough to keep him in the house. The other issue is that she’d 100% need two other people to keep him around, whether that be Monte (who has been more open to it), Turner, or Brittany.

The #1 problem with keeping Terrance

The man has no loyalty. Sure, Alyssa’s more of a jury threat, but he’s thrown every single person this season under the bus. You can’t trust him at all.

Do you think that Terrance has any chance of getting Taylor’s vote on Big Brother 24?

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