Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Terrance, Alyssa campaign

Terrance Higgins Big BrotherHow much campaigning are we going to see over the next two days in the Big Brother 24 house? We’re sure that it could get irritating at times to watch, but we honestly hope for a lot. These are people less than a month away from the finale at this point — you should fight tooth and nail to get there! Turn over every stone possible in hopes to get there.

We’ve seen a little bit of Alyssa and Terrance game-talking over the last couple of hours and in general, Alyssa’s done a better job. It’s not that she’s proposing anything good, but the best thing she has going for her is that she’s just there. She doesn’t have a ton of options and she doesn’t win a lot of competitions. That’s one of the reasons why Brittany has spoken as much as she has to her — it’s just another way to have a number for her long-term. Alyssa reiterated her desire to be with a woman at the end of the game, and Brittany told her that she’ll be fine — she has the support of her and Taylor and that’s what matters.

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From Alyssa’s vantage point, she thinks that she’s going to have the support of the women in the house (she’s the only person who buys largely into a women’s alliance right now) and also Turner. Brittany did throw Turner under the bus, saying that he may not be so willing to keep her safe. She’s basing that on real discussions Turner had with the remaining Leftovers, but we think he was just saying that to hide how tight he and Alyssa really are.

Alyssa going far isn’t great from a viewer standpoint, but it’s good for people who want to win competitions. The only risk is that she’d get some jury votes; if she wins, she’d have to be considered one of the worst winners ever.

For Terrance, his idea of “campaigning” right now is complaining to Monte about Taylor — Monte, in turn, has been enabling Terrance with a lot of this. All of this feels pretty transparent: Monte knows Terrance is going and just wants his jury vote versus Taylor or anyone else. He can look like the good guy after the fact. This is one of the reasons why Michael is threatened by Monte; he has a lot of people on the jury already who’d be more than happy to vote for him.

Do you think we’ll see any more extensive campaigns in the Big Brother 24 house moving further into today?

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