Animal Kingdom spin-off: Is it possible? EP discusses

Animal KingdomWe’re a little over a week removed now from the Animal Kingdom series finale, but our enthusiasm for this world and these characters is still there.

By and large, you can argue that the final episode served up a lot of closure. J successfully scammed his uncles, while both Pope and Craig eventually succumbed to some of the injuries they suffered as a part of an elaborate escape plan. Pope could’ve killed his nephew, but decided to let him live as a last bit of redemption over what happened to Julia. Deran is still out there, and the #1 spin-off we’ve heard discussed by fans is one about Finn Cole and Jake Weary’s characters squaring off in some capacity.

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Is there potential for something cool here? Sure, but don’t count on it. Speaking to TVLine recently, showrunner Daniele Nathanson made it clear that nothing has been discussed with her as of right now: “I haven’t heard anything … Those decisions are made above me. But I think the ending is supposed to feel like an ending.”

Another obvious problem with a spin-off is that for now, there is no suitable home out there that makes a lot of sense. TNT is getting out of the scripted-programming game and while the network shares a parent company with HBO Max, it’s actually Amazon who served as the streaming home for the past several seasons of the show.

This is a fantastic world and of course, we’d love to see something more with these characters. We’re just not counting on it, and we’ll have to assume that Deran made it back to Adrian and the two found a way to be happy.

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Would you watch an Animal Kingdom spin-off about Deran and J?

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