‘The Amazing Race 22’ preview: We predict the winner!

The Amazing RaceYesterday, we presented you with a new preview for “The Amazing Race 22” featuring the possibility of three teams quitting during the first leg; now, we’re bringing you something that has become a tradition here: picking the winner! Last season, we went with Chippendales Jaymes & James. We were happy to see that they at least made the finale three, but this time around, we’re hoping for the winner.

Since there are no spoilers here, we’re really just basing this on the brief clips we’ve seen of the teams online, along with the history of how certain types of teams have fared in the past. The following three teams are the ones that seem to have the best odds going into the game.

3. Pamela & Winnie – Just in terms of likability, they have to be one of our five favorite pre-show all-female teams ever. There is just a sense of fun about these two (pictured wearing orange in the front), and they seem to be open about having new experiences on the race, and are also going to be a team that blends in just enough that they will not be perceived as an immediate threat.

2. Max & Katie – We can already tell that when it comes to liking them, we’re more going to be interested in just throwing popcorn at our screen whenever they are on. These two (the purple team at the left) seem to be the token pair that does not shy away from causing trouble. They’ll probably fight a lot with each other and the rest of the other teams, and will likely last longer than anyone wants them to.

1. Idries & Jamil – The last team of doctors who were on the show, Nat & Kat, ended up winning the entire season. These two may have more conflict as brothers (as that tends to happen), but they on paper have everything it takes to be winners: they are pretty young, in great shape, and are extremely intelligent. We also don’t imagine them being a team that others will want to U-Turn at any point.

As for who will be the first team out, we’re picking Caroline & Jennifer. We get the impression that they are there just as much to promote their band as anything else, and we wonder if their head is going to be in the game.

Who do you want to see win “The Amazing Race 22”? In addition to sharing your thoughts below, be sure to bookmark this page for more news related to the show all season long.

Photo: CBS

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