Where is Davina on Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2?

Davina Raising KananWe’re a good chunk into Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 and with that, we certainly have some big questions. Take, for example, what happened to Davina!

Throughout a good chunk of the first season, Greenleaf actress Lovie Simone was a significant part of the show’s cast as a love interest to Kanan Stark. She had a ton of responsibility on her despite being really young, but she’s someone who could contribute more to this story. Last we saw, CPS had taken her and her young sister away.

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However, for the time being everything with Davina is still up in the air. Simone has yet to appear on the show so far this season, and we know that the actress is attached to another project in the upcoming Apple TV+ series Manhunt. It just feels like a story that the show moved away from. That happens sometimes with first-year dramas that are trying to figure themselves out.

So while there is no guarantee that we’re going to see Davina again, anything is possible within the greater Power universe. Here’s a crazy thought — given that she is technically still out there, she could also appear on Power Book II: Ghost even if she doesn’t turn up here. It’d be interesting if there are some other plans that the franchise has for her but, for now, we tend to think this is just going to remain an unsolved mystery and we’ll be sitting around, wondering what could have been.

There is still a big chunk of this season left to go; we’ll see if the character turns back up at some point.

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