‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Darren Criss talks Kurt, Blaine, and … Adam?

Darren CrissIf you are an enormous Klaine fan, then odds are that Thursday night’s make-out session on “Glee” was a cause for jumping up and doing a spontaneous dance around the room. Kurt and Blaine made it very clear that there are still feelings there for both of them, and the only two mysteries that remain are how they will be able to move forward with them, and just how this is going to end up impacting the relationship that Kurt has struck up with Adam back at NYADA. Even though they were only in the early dating phase at the time of the wedding, there were still some feelings there.

So what does Darren Criss have to say about this relationship with Kurt? The answer may surprise you, as the actor tells E! News that to a certain extent, he wants to see these two characters in New York spend some more time together:

“I hope that goes well! I love [Oliver Kieran-Jones]. I hope they get to continue. I just hope they have me on the show…That’s what I’m interested in. I’m selfish.”

We know that Adam will definitely not be going away immediately on the show, and we do hope that even if Kurt does break up with him soon, it is done with some dignity that does not demean the character in any way. After all, the one thing that is making our blood boil about the Rachel / Brody relationship right now is that the writers felt the need for whatever reason to make Dean Geyer’s character into a shady guy just so that viewers would root for Finn and Rachel more than they already do.

How do you want to see the Adam / Kurt / Blaine story resolved? If you want to see some more scoop on what could be next for Rachel, you can find out over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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