Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Monte, Taylor talk; Kyle awaits jury

Taylor Hale Big BrotherWhile it has been a quieter day in the Big Brother 24 house so far, there are at least a few conversations starting to take place tonight with long-term ramifications.

Take, for starters, Monte continuing to do his push to turn Taylor more against Michael and Brittany. He’s made a number of arguments to her, including that Michael could have done the more powerful thing this week and saved her with the Veto … but he saved Brittany instead. He also mentioned the convenience of when Michael and Brittany chose to bring up what Kyle said about a nonexistent Cookout, and the fact that they may not have mentioned it at all if Kyle got evicted from Dyre Fest. They are clearly playing their own game, and Monte isn’t wrong; Michael and Brittany both are going to have to face criticism for their decision here.

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Do we think Taylor hears Monte in that Michael’s an enormous threat? Absolutely, but she also feels like Brittany would take her over Michael to the end and, given that part 3 of the final HoH is a crapshoot oftentimes, anything could happen. We also think that Taylor is open to targeting Michael soon, but is now really the best time?

For Monte, it makes sense given that he still has a bond with Turner. He knows that he’s not in Michael and Brittany’s final three, so why keep them together? He’s just looking at the variables ahead of him, and his best-case scenario would be to just win HoH. What is good for him isn’t quite the best for Taylor; our feeling is that she should break up the remaining After Party next week and after that, consider more options with Michael.

As for other news…

Kyle (who is 100% going) is currently contemplating how to explain to the jurors what happened this week. He says that he wants to be open and be held accountable for it, but the reality is that we may never know what these conversations are really like. Also, he feels bad misleading Alyssa and wants people to tell her how much he cared for her. (Yea, we’re 100% over this showmance / whatever we’re supposed to call it now.)

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What do you think Taylor should do in Big Brother 24 moving forward?

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