‘Girls’ season 2, episode 6 preview: The emperor of ice cream

GirlsOn Sunday night’s new “Girls” season 2 episode, we are going to continue to see the devolution of Marnie into someone both spineless and unsure about what to do with her life. Remember that incredibly creepy scene with Booth Jonathan from earlier this year? While there are no dolls involved in the video below, what transpires is still more than just a little bit weird.

Basically, Booth Jonathan and Marnie are in the process of doing the deed with his assistant walks in, and he just continues to lie there, exposed, without a care in the world. She informs him that she has brought him some of his food, and she also ends up explaining that tasted some of his ice cream because she’d never had the kind before. This causes the artist to go into a complete and total tear, and he even gets Marnie to chime in with him before she quits / is fired from her position.

So is taking a bite of your employee’s ice cream a big deal? While we know that “Girls” loves to live inside of this completely ridiculous space where eccentric characters agree with eccentric space, we actually agree with Booth Jonathan on this one. If someone is being hired to buy your groceries, you would not wanting them eating your food unless you have them permission to do so. It may sound silly, but there’s a slippery slope here between letting your employee eat some ice cream and then them cookie your steak or using your truffle oil.

What do you think about Booth Jonathan’s freakout, and about Marnie just sitting there and getting involved in it? If you want to catch even more from this episode (entitled “Boys”), you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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