ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 14 preview: The boat confrontation

RevengeWe knew that there was going to be some tragedy aboard a certain boat on Sunday night’s new “Revenge” season 2 episode, and based on the newest sneak peek below, the possible candidates are none other than just three people: Nate Ryan, Jack Porter, and Amanda Clarke.

We saw the beginnings of this storm on the show last week, when Michael Trucco’s character managed to sneak aboard Jack and Amanda’s boast just as they were getting set to make the honeymoon voyage. The problem? It yet again all comes back to the bar, and the fact that Conrad Greyson has been feeding him all sorts of information when it comes to what Jack and Amanda are up to.

From this standpoint, it seems pretty clear on just what strings are being pulled: Conrad likely informed Ryan about the current situation involving the bar, and tried to place all of the blame firmly on the happy couple for it. He knows that with them out of the way, it will be so much easier for him to achieve some of his own goals … and he also gets no blood on his hands at all in the process.

Overall, this seems like a perfect plan for Conrad, even though he seems to be forgetting one key thing: Amanda is not going to just give up and allow some man to take her life. As she explains to Jack in the video, the only way the two are going to be able to get through this situation alive is if they find a way to kill him.

Do you think any of these people aboard the boat are going to live to see another day? If you want to read some more teasers for Sunday night’s “Revenge” via Ashley Madekwe, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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