‘The Bachelor’ rankings: Catherine Giudici, Lindsay Yenter top Sean Lowe’s final 4

CatherineWe’re now getting to the nitty-gritty of “The Bachelor,” and in some ways all four of the women that remain could be either candidates to accept a proposal from Sean Lowe during the finale, or possibly even hand out roses as “The Bachelorette” next season. (You can read some of our thoughts on that subject here.)

Hometown dates are a time when everything can change, since Sean does want to ensure that he gets along well with the family of any person that he ends up being engaged to. While problems may not completely be exposed during this visit, this is at least an opportunity to see, as Ben Flajnik did with Kacie Boguskie, if there are any serious compatibility issues there.

We can’t really judge our rankings based on assumptions or even teases in the preview for the episode, since we all know that these can be misleading. Instead, we’re based these on what we’ve seen so far, general impressions of Sean while around each woman, and their overall story arc on the show.

4. AshLee Frazier (last week: 4) – AshLee has had a pretty nice run for herself, but of the women remaining she seems to be the one most likely to be left out in the dark. Sean said earlier in the season that he wants someone who is interested in going with the flow and compromising, and while she would be willing to do that under some circumstances, she also seems to be the most regimented of the women remaining. We know her heart is in the right place … but the last time we saw her actually try to have fun with a little bit of a kissing game, it was painful to watch.

3. Desiree Hartsock (3) – We could see Des finding a way to sneak into the finale, but for whatever reason there’s something about her edit that tells us she has very little chance of winning. (Maybe it was just that one scene in Montana where she showed insecurity.) While that supposed fight between Sean and her brother has us nervous, you never know what is going on there. After all, it’s possible this is just a prank or something that is being blown way our of proportion. The biggest issue Des really faces is while the two contestants ranked above her have been in fourth or fifth gear for weeks, she seems to be stalling back in second.

2. Catherine Giudici (2) – This is where things to us get interesting. In telling the story about her father last week, Catherine became instantly endearing and someone that we want to root for perhaps more so than any other woman this season. However, she also has yet to receive a rose on a group date, and her relationship with Sean has built slower than any other woman on this list. That could be a good thing, but it is largely going to depend on what happens now with the family visit.

1. Lindsay Yenter (1) – Out of the four women here, Lindsay is probably the one that is almost guaranteed, pending something crazy with her family, to be in the final two. Her relationship with Sean has built naturally over time to the point where it is far and away the most complete of the women left, and she’s also gotten some love on the group dates … including this past one while competing against both Catherine and Desiree.

Who is your favorite to win “The Bachelor” right now? We want to hear what you have to say in the poll below, and you can also preview the final four episode by heading on over to the link here.

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