‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: What’s next for Lea Michele, Naya Rivera?

Lea MicheleAfter the epic “I Do” episode of “Glee” airing on Thursday night, it’s certainly understandable to be anxious about what is coming up. Unfortunately, we are first and foremost staring at a wait. Thanks to “American Idol” airing two-hour episodes in Las Vegas before they arrive at their top 20 (a move clearly designed to get all of their singers some screen time), it will be March 7 before the action resumes with the episode “Girls (and Boys) on Film.” It will hopefully be here that we learn the truth about whether or not Rachel is really pregnant, and also what happens next for Kurt and Blaine.

So what can we say specifically about some of the characters? For Rachel, we’re surely about to see a mad scramble as she tries to figure out to do. If the baby is Finn’s, she will at least have someone who she knows will be a loving dad. As for Brody, meanwhile, who really knows anymore? The stunner at the end of the last episode literally came out of nowhere, and it made him right away into someone we don’t like. (Then again, we also don’t like the writers tearing Brody down in order to lift the idea of Finchel being back together up.)

Lea Michele recently tweeted that she is working on some scenes with Naya Rivera, so is it possible that we could be seeing these two have a discussion about it? Sure; even if it is not about that, though, Santana and Rachel could be talking about how the former Cheerio is going to adjust in the Big Apple. While she has arrived there, we still don’t know what she is going to do to work / pursue her dreams. It’s too late in the semester, after all, for her to get into NYADA … and we don’t even know if she wants that.

What do you want to see happen for Rachel and Santana moving forward? If you want to see Darren Criss address what is next for Kurt and Blaine, you can do so over at the link here.

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