Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Week 8 nominations (day 52)

Big BrotherAre you read for the nomination ceremony results within the Big Brother 24 house today? We sure hope so, but here is a warning: Things are going to get messy. Very messy, in fact.

Here’s what we can go ahead and say about the day leading up to the ceremony. While it seemed overnight that Head of Household Turner was going to nominate Alyssa and Terrance to protect himself amidst the Leftovers, that turned out to be mostly an act. He reverted back today to doing a good bit of what his After Party alliance (mostly Kyle) wanted, nominating the combination of Taylor and Brittany for eviction.

Remember that on Thursday night, Turner told these people that they would be safe and that Brittany wouldn’t touch the block at all. We don’t think it’s necessarily the move that people will be mad at in the house so much as the lying. Turner’s made some bad choices in how he went about this — if he thinks that splitting up the Brittany / Michael / Taylor trio will help his game, so be it. We just don’t think people like to feel stupid or misled. It’s why Joseph probably won’t vote for Kyle at the end, if he makes it there. It is not just about the betrayal but instead, the way he went about it. This stuff matters.

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So Brittany and Taylor are now on the block. How are they handling it? Brittany was emotional, but she did sat down with Turner after the fact — who then threw Taylor under the bus to her. Taylor, meanwhile, reacted by talking with Terrance, who continued to downplay all of the talk on the outside. Also, he threw Joseph under the bus and made it seem like he was the bad guy who got the ball rolling on Michael, Taylor, and Brittany being threats.

If you are Brittany, Taylor, and Michael now, you have to feel that this is an immediate shot at them. They may be trying to stay calm right now, but we’re interested to see where things go.

Rest assured, we’ll be back later this evening with more of the fallout. This is probably going to be a drama-filled night that, of course, will bleed into a drama-filled day tomorrow.

What do you think about the nominations this week in the Big Brother 24 house?

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