Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: The end of Dyre Fest, split house

Big BrotherIn just a matter of hours, Big Brother 24 is going to bring us the latest eviction show and with that, we can say goodbye to this Dyre Fest – Big Brochella twist.

Honestly, this ending could not come soon enough. It’s going to be really interesting seeing what production thinks about this twist once they have hindsight at the end of the season. The may enjoy the dramatic potential that comes with these two houses joining forces again after the double elimination tonight. Or, they may realize that losing one of their most-popular players through a series of unlucky and frustrating breaks is awful and they shouldn’t do this again. Also, they didn’t seem to realize the obvious problem that would come with wall yellers being at the ready the moment you throw people outside.

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The feeds haven’t been on Dyre Fest for a good chunk of the day and honestly, we may not see them again until after the eviction. We have to assume that Joseph is still being evicted over Kyle, mostly because there is no evidence to the contrary. Whether this is the right move for Turner and Terrance is to be determined. Personally, we think they’ll regret it since being played by Kyle, who already directly betrayed Turner in particular, isn’t a great thing to present to the jury. Also, we saw in season 21 what happens when you let a showmance skate by. Maybe something else will happen today, but we don’t have a lot of hope. (We know that social media wants Dyre Fest to be canceled a la the Fyre Festival, but that’s also doubtful, since production hasn’t even hinted that this is coming.)

What will be interesting is that Taylor has made it clear just how upset she’ll be if Joseph is gone, and pretty much all of Big Brochella will be out on Kyle.

The other eviction…

It’s still Jasmine. There’s been no real talk today and she has prepared to leave the game. Sure, Jasmine has been grating with her DR sessions and her treatment of Taylor, but she did at least show some remorse yesterday and is leaving the game in a pretty classy way. It was nice to actually her have a few genuine moments with the inside crew yesterday.

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