Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 13 (series finale): Will J win?

Animal KingdomAs we get ourselves prepared for Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 13 on TNT this coming weekend, the stakes are abundantly clear. This is the series finale, lives could be lost, and characters may never be the same again.

One of the primary people to discuss through this lens is of course J, and for good reason. Just think about what he just did! In betraying his uncles and stealing the family’s money, he has put himself in a position where he has the upper hand; yet, will his lack of social understanding, or his hubris, be what does him in?

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It may sound strange to assume that Penny is one of his bigger weaknesses at this point, but she is. While it’s clear that he was in part using her in order to funnel over this money, we do think he has legitimate feelings for her. This could eventually cause a problem if she ever turns on him, which does seem likely if she stays in the dark.

The other thing he’s assuming here is that his uncles won’t be able to figure this out and if they do, that they won’t kill him. Given how dangerous they are, Deran and Craig could bust Pope out, realize they’re broke, and easily come after J before he can scheme his way out of things.

All of this is why, in the end, J is easily the most high-variance character entering the finale. It’s easy to see situations both where he succeeds, or where he brings about his own undoing. Prepare for any and all of it.

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What do you think things are going to play out on the Animal Kingdom series finale?

Do you think there’s a chance that J may be setting himself up for failure? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, come back for all sorts of other updates. (Photo: TNT.)

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