Only Murders in the Building season 2 finale: Who killed Bunny?

Bunny Only Murders in the BuildingThe Only Murders in the Building season 2 finale has come and gone and with that, we finally have an answer to the show’s central question. Who killed Bunny Folger?

At this point, we certainly imagine that there are going to be a lot of mixed feelings about this. The murderer was not Cinda Canning. Rather, it was Becky Butler, the original subject of All Is Not OK in Oklahoma who just so happened to turn into Poppy.

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As it turns out, Cinda actually had nothing to do with the murder of Bunny at all and instead, was being duped right within her own podcast. Poppy and Detective Kreps were secret lovers, and she planned this to be a way to eventually get her more fame — and also help her idol Cinda at the same time. She knew about the painting because she thought the disappearance of Rose Cooper would be a good podcast, and she is also the one who navigated the catacombs. As it turned out, she was allergic to birds. Hence, the sneezing.


In terms of giving us a fascinating killer, this does fit the bill to some degree. Yet, being capable of murder it a pretty big charge and for Poppy, this did come as a big change for someone who previously fled Oklahoma to escape her old life. This was a big risk for her to take.

While we’re still wrapping our head around Poppy being the killer, no doubt was the reveal cool. There was nothing quite like seeing Charles, Mabel, and Oliver put all of the pieces together in the oh-so-clever way that they did. Even Alice and Cinda herself were in on it!

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