Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: The Dyre Fest debacle (day 48)

Joseph Big BrotherWithin this Big Brother 24 live feed update, we are going a little off the traditional beaten path, and for good reason. After all, we’re witnessing what may be one of the worst twists in quite some time with the Dyre Fest.

At the time we are writing this, it has been almost 48 hours since the live feeds outside the house were shut down. We know that Terrance, Joseph, Kyle, Alyssa, and Turner are theoretically out there still, but it feels almost like they’re not an active part of the game. Watching live feeds is a huge part of the BB experience for a number of people, and with this gone a significant chunk of this season is lost, especially since there was far more drama out there than there’s been inside.


(Here’s a quick update on life inside the house: Almost nothing. Jasmine and Monte are on the block and one of them, most likely Jasmine, will be evicted.)

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Why is production doing this?The obvious answer is to keep more wall yellers from showing up and disrupting the game. Seemingly, there was one a couple of days ago. We’re not necessarily endorsing a legion of wall yellers by any means, but we do question why this twist was thought to be a good idea at all. There’s a long history of interference in the back yard, so why would anyone think there wouldn’t be a wall yeller this time around? Love it or hate it, this is a part of the game at this point, and it’s pretty awful to deprive an audience because of the acts of a few.

We know that there’s a lot of people on social media calling for an end of Dyre Fest, and we admit it’d be funny if they came out and said that like the real Fyre Festival, this one is canceled due to a lot of complaints. We just don’t have high expectations … but imagine what would happen if Joseph and Turner, who were on the block last we heard, got to re-enter the game. That probably won’t happen, but it’d be nice if there was at least some way to compensate for everything we’ve lost as fans.

Maybe there was an ambitious idea behind the split house, but the execution not only leaves a lot to be desired, but it also has completely halted the momentum of this season.

What do you think Big Brother 24 can do about the Fyre Fest-like situation with the Dyre Fest twist?

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