Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12: Did J betray the Cody Boys?

Animal KingdomWe had a good feeling entering Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12 that there could be some big twists ahead; we just didn’t know how crazy the story was going to become.

Well, let’s just say that we now have our answer. This weekend’s all-new episode featured arguably one of the shrewdest betrayals that we’ve seen within the Cody family, as J used his new girlfriend Penny and her job at the law firm to effectively siphon money away from the Cody trust to his own account. Basically, he’s enabling it so that he can do what he said he was going to back when he killed Smurf: He’s ready to take away everything from his uncles.

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So why do this? It all stems back to Angela, who was mistreated in a horrible way in the past and we’ve seen the path that led to her becoming an addict and dealing with so much trauma. He is blaming Pope, Deran, and Craig on some level for not stepping in; is some of that anger misplaced? Maybe. They could have done more, but Deran and J were pretty young; Pope, meanwhile, was totally brainwashed. Still, they didn’t treat J all that well in the early days. He’s got an opportunity to strike and he is going to take it!


As for whether or not this attempt will be ultimately successful, that still remains a mystery — but he is putting his absolute everything into causing some chaos right around the time of the big prison break. Of course, that is the other big thing to prepare for entering the series finale.

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