‘Jeopardy!’ contestant Leonard Cooper goes viral for being awesome (video)

JeopardyNo, Leonard Cooper is not actually a cross between Sheldon Cooper and Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory.” Instead, it may be the greatest teen “Jeopardy!” contestant in human history.

We’re not quite sure whether or not Cooper really intended to come across like such a trivia ninja when he first appeared on the Alex Trebek game show, and it’s possible that this personally just came naturally from him. There were some pretty awesome moments in here, whether it be his hilarious reaching for the world “collarbone” as the response to a clue, or his brazen decision to bet all oh his money on a Daily Double thinking that it could allow him to get the money needed to win the entire show.

As great as this was, though, it does not compare in the slightest to the incredible answer the guy gave to Final Jeopardy. (Spoiler alert!) Knowing that he was not an expert in the subject matter of American history, he opted to wager absolutely nothing, and then write in a hilarious answer about how he had a ton of money, anyway, and didn’t need to win any more.

While we’re not quite sure just how popular this video is going to become over the course of the next several days, some celebrities, including “Lost” co-creator and master of all things awesome Damon Lindelof, have already tweeted this out online. Hopefully, this leads to some more great press for the guy, who should now do a tour of every game show under the sun in order to make his presence even more known.

On a scale of one to a million, how awesome do you think that this video is right about now? We want to hear from you!

Photo: Jeopardy!

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