Magnum PI season 5: A look at five burning questions

Magnum PIAs we get a little bit closer to the premiere of Magnum PI season 5 on NBC, why not take on some big questions?

In general, we know that this is a quieter time for show-related news given that scripts are being written but for now, nobody is back on set. Yet, there are absolutely still a handful of things to discuss. Below, we’re spotlighting five different questions that we’ve seen to some degree over the past month and a half; hopefully, this will help tide you over until even more discussion is out there.

Will the episodes be longer? Most likely, no — this is still a broadcast network, so we’re expecting them to stay close to around 42 minutes. Occasionally shows are presented with limited commercials, but that’s not anything to expect in this instance.

Will the format of the show change? Not in some significant way. NBC knew what they were getting when they picked up Magnum PI, and they have no fundamental reason to look at it now and say that it needs changing. With a shorter episode count we could see an ongoing story presented more consistently throughout, but there will almost certainly still be case-of-the-week plots.

When is filming going to begin? If you missed the news earlier this week, around the middle of September. There is no official date, and it may also vary for different cast members depending on their stories.

Should you expect more promotion than in the past? We feel reasonably confident here for a couple of reasons. First, NBC has to treat this almost as though it’s a brand-new property given that they’ve never had it before. Also, we think there is greater media awareness now after the season campaign. It’s hard to know for sure until we’re closer to the premiere, but there are reasons for optimism.

Will (insert guest star here) come back? None of that is clear as of yet, as filming has yet to begin. Yet, we do think that the writers will make room for familiar faces whenever the story allows for it.

What are you most hoping to see when it comes to Magnum PI season 5 on NBC?

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