Better Call Saul series finale: Betsy Brandt returns as Marie!

Better Call Saul season 6

We anticipated some surprises at the center of the Better Call Saul series finale, but not Betsy Brandt coming back as Marie!

The major Breaking Bad character clearly wanted justice for what happened to Hank in the original show and we absolutely appreciated getting to see her back. Also, her presence was a reminder of just how good Saul was at his job — scheming his way into a better plea deal.

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Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like Marie got what she wanted or anything close to it. The initial sentence for Jimmy would have taken him through the majority of his life. Yet, he was able to finagle his way all the way down to seven and a half years thanks to a well-calculated story.

Did Marie’s presence actually change anything when it comes to Jimmy’s fate? Not really, but this was the sort of nostalgia that this show and franchise benefits from. This was also a masterfully disguised secret, all things considered. One of the reasons why AMC was so fine with announcing Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s returns was them knowing that they still had some other surprises. Like with those actors, we’re sure that Brandt snuck down to Albuquerque and had to prepare for this role in absolute secrecy. It did pay off, and we’re more than happy with that.

With that being said, we also imagine that not everyone will be happy with the series finale. That’s not our own opinion, but these finales by nature are polarizing. They have to be.

Are you glad to see Betsy Brandt turn up as Marie on the Better Call Saul series finale?

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