Better Call Saul series finale: How did Jimmy / Gene’s story end?

Better Call Saul season 6

We knew from the moment we dived into the Better Call Saul series finale that it could be emotional, gut-wrenching, and so much more. It was honestly hard to know what to expect!

With that being said, we entered the story with the expectation that Gene wouldn’t be able to escape this time and in the end, he’d find himself arrested; it just felt the most full-circle that the guy who worked so hard to keep people out of jail and scam the system ended up being there himself.

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Let’s get now to the events of this episode. After all, we learned at the start of the episode that Saul was in fact arrested. He couldn’t get away from the authorities, and he ended up being found in a dumpster. He then hired Bill Oakley to represent him and faced a wide array of charges.

The first major surprise of the finale was when Marie (Betsy Brandt) turned up to confront Saul for his role in Hank’s death. Unfortunately for her, she was met with more heartbreak as he was able to sell the prosecution this story of being an unwilling accomplice afraid for his life. He eventually got his sentence down to just seven and a half years. He even got his chosen location in North Carolina!

Yet, did he really want something more? As it turns out, he did — and it was not exactly what anyone would have expected. He made sure he was extradited to New Mexico, and he promised that he had another big carrot he was about to drop. It was enough to even get Kim Wexler in the courtroom. Then, he confessed to everything — everything — and decided to take the harshest sentence possible. He didn’t shy away from a single thing here in the end.

Did Kim see him again?

As it turns out, yes. She saw his sudden change and visited him behind bars. He wasn’t getting out anytime soon and yet, there was a way to forge some sort of a bond there. Will she see him again? We can’t say, but in their final encounter, we do think there’s a way for both of them to go forward and live their lives a little bit differently.

Overall, this was a beautiful, full-circle end that was surprising, nostalgic, and well worth the journey. Maybe it could prove polarizing (all finales are), but this fired on all cylinders and delivered on the original intention.

What did you think overall about the Better Call Saul series finale?

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