Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony aftermath, tension

Alyssa Snider Big BrotherThe Veto Ceremony happened earlier today within the Big Brother 24 house and all of a sudden, we’re set up for a messy few days.

Ironically, though, they are not messy in the ways that you would originally imagine. The vote is between Indy and Terrance this week and for now, it feels clear that Indy is going to leave. She’s already claimed that she doesn’t want to be in jury, so it’d be hilarious if she just tries to walk after all of this. Think of all the air time she’d miss out on! Isn’t that what a lot of people come on this show for?

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Really, the thing that we’re really going to see some fireworks over is the aftermath of Kyle not using the Veto, since there was a chance that Alyssa could’ve gone us. He’d tried his best to frame it this way to Indy and Jasmine, even if the two thought that Monte was the person who would be in jeopardy. They understand on some level, but it does feel clear to them that Alyssa is the only person Kyle really cares about among their side of the house.

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Meanwhile, Taylor apparently played up her frustrations with Kyle at the Veto Ceremony, even though she knew in advance he wasn’t going to use it. That has led to her needing to do a little bit of damage control and attempts to smooth things over with people — including Alyssa, who she did pick to play in Veto.

The real winners in a lot of this are Michael & Brittany, which shouldn’t be a shock since Michael is especially a phenomenal player. They goaded Kyle into not using the Veto, knowing that it could get some loyalty from him while also making him a target of Joseph and Monte down the road. Now, there’s tension between these parts of the alliance and they could skate by a little further. Will it work? That remains to be seen.

Where do you think the drama will play out on the Big Brother 24 live feeds moving forward?

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