Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Week 6 nominations (day 38)

Taylor Hale Big BrotherThe week 6 nominations are now official within the Big Brother 24 house — so what has the new HoH decided?

If you have been following the live feeds over the past 12-16 hours, nothing should be all that much of a surprise. Taylor put Indy and Terrance on the block — she’s done so giving the other side of the house the idea that Monte will be the replacement nominee, but we know that this is not actually the case. She wants to prove her loyalty to the alliance and also makes sure she gets out someone in Terrance who has been against her multiple times this season.

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Since both Indy and Terrance were tipped off earlier in the day that they were going to be on the block, there was no need for a big reaction after the fact. The importance of this week comes down to the Veto. If Terrance doesn’t win, he most likely heads off to jury. If he does win or if Indy gets the necklace, Taylor is considering putting up Alyssa, though she doesn’t want to since she’s given her so many assurances. She also doesn’t want to nominate Jasmine, the only other Black woman in the game; the only dicey situation could be if Alyssa wins Veto and takes Indy off.

We know there’s a chance that a Leftovers member could be a replacement nominee if deemed necessary — Joseph has even talked about it. We’re just a little too early to get into some hardcore planning about that right now.

In general, the real blindside for some of these players is going to come after the Veto when Monte isn’t put up. Until then, we imagine that things are going to be (reasonably) quiet in the house — at least so long as Monte plays his part and acts reasonably threatened.

What do you think about Taylor’s nominations today in the Big Brother 24 house?

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