Better Call Saul season 6: Carol Burnett on Marion’s big decision

Better Call Saul season 6We were certainly excited when Carol Burnett was first cast on Better Call Saul season 6. Little did we know that she’d be playing the person responsible for Gene’s undoing.

One of the things that we appreciated so much about Marion being the one to tell on Gene being Saul was that in the early years of the AMC show, Jimmy made a habit out of scamming the elderly. Sure, he often helped them, but to great financial benefit to himself. He took advantage of them being naive. With that in mind, it’s genius that an elderly character is the one who found him out. She used her Life Alert to contact the police, and that has put Gene in a spot where he is 100% on the run.

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So why didn’t Bob Odenkirk’s character opt to kill her? Why was Marion okay to take that chance when it comes to the Life Alert? As Burnett herself tells, it was due in part to her character’s smarts and also the anger that she was so betrayed by this man she let into her life:

He looked a little threatening, but she knew he wasn’t going to kill her. She wasn’t going to go down not fighting and that’s why she yells into the Life Alert and turns him in. And he, true to form – Gene doesn’t have it in him to really harm anybody physically, to kill her or even hit her or anything like that. So, I don’t know? Maybe he would’ve. But at that time, I think her anger overcame her fear.

This is a reminder of the difference between Gene and Walter White, as Walt would have no problem killing Marion — just think about all the other violence he caused. This distinction may be why Gene a.k.a. Jimmy’s punishment ends up being different at the end of this. We wouldn’t be shocked if he gets arrested in the final free, but we would be if he gets killed off at any point.

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