‘The Office’ season 9 sneak peek: What happens when Andy finds out Erin is dating Pete?

The OfficeOne of the things that has been seriously lacking on “The Office” since about season 3 is that the writers don’t really seem to know what to do with Andy’s character, which is a real shame because Ed Helms is a comic genius and they could go in a million different directions with him.

Instead of flushing out Andy’s character like they started to do in season 3 with his anger problems, they decided to have Andy be this fun time lovable loser for season after season, always being the guy that never gets the girl and is desperate to be accepted, but what happened to angry Andy who punched a wall in the office once because Jim was tormenting him with his cell phone all day?  Will he ever come back?

After last week’s big break up episode where Erin dumped Andy and started dating Pete we have been hoping that Andy’s crazy side would come back to the surface and it looks like we might get our wish. In a new sneak peek of Thursday’s brand new episode called “Moving On” (provided by TV Guide), Andy finds out that Erin has been dating someone named Pete after going through her cell phone and is on a mission to find out who this “Pete” person is.  He doesn’t suspect Pete from Dunder Mufflin because he doesn’t actually remember that his real name is Pete, because he’s been calling him by his nickname ever since he got there.  It’s only a matter of time before Andy figures it out and hopefully goes off the rails bringing back that fire that Andy has been missing.

Check out the sneak peek of tomorrow night’s episode of “The Office” season 9 below and let us know if you think we are going to see the old Andy again once he finds out that this Pete that Erin is dating is the very same one from Dunder Mifflin.

Photo: NBC

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