Is Jeffrey Wright leaving Westworld, & is Bernard really dead?

WestworldFollowing the events of this past episode, is it fair to assume that Jeffrey Wright is leaving WestworldAfter what we just saw on the HBO show, we more than understand making that assumption.

For the time being, it does look like Bernard is dead. How would he survive that? William went on his warpath at the end of episode 7 and that was that. However, the thing about this show is that characters often do come back in different forms — or, in the case of Evan Rachel Wood, performers come back as different characters. This is a show that loves to build itself puzzles only to later solve them.

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Speaking to TV Insider recently about this past episode, Wright noted that his character’s death “seemed pretty finale.” However, he also added this in summation of his whole experience so far:

Yeah. I mean, it’s been a great journey for Bernard and for me with the character over these many years. It’s been eight years of working on this show. And so yeah, there’s a lot of stuff behind a moment like that. But at the same time, I’ve worked on our show long enough, and I think people have watched our show long enough, to know that anything is possible.

At the very least, the promo for the season 4 finale DID show Bernard in video form, so we at least know that there is more coming for Wright as a performer. The question just because whether he will come back in the flesh, or whether these arguments even matter. After all, it is important to remember at this point that the series is not officially coming back for a season 5 and while we tend to assume it will return, we know that coming up with these sort of assumptions can lead to problems in their own right.

Do you think that Jeffrey Wright could be a part of a possible season 5 of Westworld?

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