Better Call Saul series finale: Will Gene rediscover his humanity?

Better Call Saul season 6

One of the things that we’ve come to know about Jimmy McGill (and all of his different personas) on Better Call Saul is that he can be good. He’s not a straight-up archenemy, and there are times where he shows off a little bit of that warmth and kindness.

Unfortunately, the moment Kim left and he went full-on Saul, whatever humanity he had was gone. He was awful to Rhea Seehorn’s character with the divorce papers, and that’s without mentioning everything with Walt and Jesse. His first stunt as Gene with Jeff was a theft; from there, he corroborated in some straight-up robberies. He gets a rush out of breaking the rules; he doesn’t think anyone respects him as a person and because of that, he doesn’t always try to be one.

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Yet, there was something in this past episode that brought it back: Marion commented that she “trusted” Gene, and that’s what made his secret double-life hurt so much. Here’s how Bob Odenkirk described in on last night’s Talking Saul episode:

“The sweetness of her face and the hurt in her heart [which] hurt so much in that moment melts his steely anger, and he remembers that he’s human again, briefly, and he can’t [stop her from using her Life Alert].”

Ironically, Jimmy’s moment of humanity may be the thing that now causes him to scramble. The police are going to be after him, but can he escape in time? This is a different sort of situation. He may not even want to subconsciously, as it really could be time for him to pay for his crimes.

Do you think we’re going to see any humanity within Gene at all on Better Call Saul season 6 the rest of the way?

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