Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12: Is Marion Gene’s undoing?

Better Call Saul season 6

There were so many twists we thought about entering tonight’s Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12, but very few involving Marion. We knew that Carol Burnett’s character was going to have a big role, but who would have thought that she’d be the one who brought about the demise of Gene Takovic?

Well, she certainly had her suspicions about Gene after spying on his operation last week but tonight, Jeff’s arrest blew everything wide open. She was able to connect the dots and determined that Jeff’s past in Albuquerque meant he may know a little about a certain conman named Saul Goodman. It’s how Jeff recognized him in Omaha, and then she also learned the truth. She used her Life Alert to call the police, and let’s just say that this is it for Gene … at least for now.

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So where does he go from here? We’re sure that he will try to disappear again, but how does he do that? There may not be any recourse now for a guy like him. He’s committed so many crimes and a lot of them are going to stick with him now. Kim managed to get away; meanwhile, he dug himself deeper. That’s without mentioning his string of burglaries as Gene. He enters the finale now completely on his own. He can’t return to his old job at Cinnabon, and people could be looking for him across several states.

This episode was overall pretty sensational, but also haunting at the same time. After all, it appears as though we’re watching the undoing of Jimmy McGill, a man who let the best parts of himself slip away.

What did you think about the overall events of Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12 tonight?

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