Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 34)

Michael Bruner Big BrotherToday the Veto Ceremony unfolded within the Big Brother 24 house — so did everything go according to plan?

Let’s start things off here with a quick reminder of the events from the weekend: Michael & Brittany won the Veto, which gave the former complete control as to what he wanted to do this week. He’s said all along that Daniel isn’t necessarily as big a threat to him as he is to some other people in the house, but he still finds himself in a tough position. He can’t look like he is betraying the Leftovers and yet, there are other people out there who could be a threat to him down the line. Alyssa is an interesting one, but we knew he didn’t want to put up Taylor this week.

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Daniel was the safe move — it was also the expected move (alongside Kyle, his Festie Bestie) from the moment that he won Head of Household. So did he actually end up going through with it? Yes, despite the other side of the house actually thinking for a while that he could leave them the same and target Monte.

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It would have been fun to get another blindside, but at the same time, Michael recognizes that it’s not good gameplay to leave people in the dark. Michael indicated to Terrance earlier today that he wouldn’t be comfortable making the move this week, and then Terrance went and filtered the information through the rest of the house. Jasmine then, pre-Ceremony, backtracked on a lot of her anti-Monte stuff and covered her tracks.

Daniel has of course promised Michael everything in the world in exchange for safety but now, the only thing that he can do is campaign versus Kyle. There is a reason to take Kyle out, since he could eventually side with Alyssa and destroy The Leftovers altogether. However, do you want to trust Daniel in this game, either?

Was this the Big Brother 24 outcome that you wanted for the Veto Ceremony?

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