Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 8: Death ahead?

Only Murders in the BuildingIn just under 36 hours from the time of this writing, Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 8 will be on Hulu. What can you expect with that?

Well, at the forefront of this episode titled “Hello, Darkness” is simply that: A lot of darkness. A city-wide blackout is spreading through New York City and that is going to lead to a tremendous amount of danger. If we are to judge the cliffhanger with Glitter Guy and the photo of Charles and Lucy at face value, one or both of them could be in danger.

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Of course, the real truth may be a little bit more complicated than this, and over the course of this episode a lot of people could be in trouble. Rather than directly hurting one of them, Glitter Guy / the killer (the could be the same person) could opt to try and take out someone close to them. This would absolutely be an opportunity for them to strike without being noticed, and that could be a big part of the plan.

So why would they kill someone else? Beyond it being only fitting to have another death in darkness (similar to Oliver’s game earlier this season), it does seem as though the killer right now is motivated mostly by a desire to cover their own tracks. Hence, them trying to frame Bunny’s death on Mabel and the painting on Charles — that’s without even getting into the knife! Rather than being a serial murderer, they seem to be just trying to get away with the crimes they’ve already committed. If it’s starting to look unlikely they will do that, they could commit another, all for the sake of self-preservation at this given moment in time.

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