‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ premiere preview: All about John Cochran

John CochranOn Wednesday night, “Survivor” is back … so why not celebrate with one of our personal favorite players? If the game was actually somewhat dictated based solely on physical ability, there’s no questioning that John Cochran would be in trouble. As a matter of fact, Cochran would also probably be the first boot if this was back during the early years of the show.

However, people now vote other people out for different reasons than just camp life and challenge ability, what does give people like him a chance at staying alive. For us, that is very much a good thing since the man is hilarious. In the sneak peek below, you can see him struggle with something from the get-go that all castaways have to prepare for: sunburns. These people are given lotion for a reason, wear it! Then again, Cochran probably did put some on and it was still not enough to protect him.

This clip is all kinds of entertaining in that it shows that Cochran has not lost his trademark sense of humor at all, saying that he’d “probably die” if he had to go to an immunity challenge straight from camp. Plus, there is this disucssion between him and Jeff Probst.

Probst – So when did that happened?

Cochran – Instantly.

If you saw our predictions article yesterday, then you know that we have Cochran pegged as someone who could go very far into the game this season. With so many pot-stirrers this time around (Phillip, Brandon, Francesca, Corinne), his lighthearted approach to being at camp will probably be much-appreciated.

What do you think about Cochran so far? If you want to read some more of our “Survivor: Caramoan” coverage, including spotlights for all of the returning players, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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