Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10 photo: What will Deran do?

Animal KingdomTomorrow night on TNT you’re going to see Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10 — and with that, the biggest dilemma yet for the Cody Boys.

The situation with Pope is not the first time that we’ve seen this family in trouble with the law — we know that with 100% certainty. However, we also recognize that this is different than most of those situations because Pope is in prison, and we’re also not sure he honestly cares. He knows that he killed Catherine Belen, and a big part of him must feel like he needs to do whatever he can in order to pay for it. That may mean being behind bars for some sort of substantial period of time.

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Of course, we don’t think that Deran, Craig, or J is going to fully accept that, and the photo above shows Deran potentially doing something to figure out how to help his brother on Sunday night. How do you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped? You may search for a legal loophole, or claim that Detective Thompson forced a confession out of Andrew because of either some of her threats or a lack of an attorney present. You could even try to get Pope out of prison by an old-fashioned prison break. (Unfortunately, it’s too bad Michael Scofield is nowhere to be found here.)

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Often, Deran is one of the more reasoned members of the Cody family, and he could look at the solutions in both a logical and human way. The only problem with some of that is that Deran has flown off the handle a couple of times this season already. We’re not sure if his head is altogether there anymore and the stress of Pope’s arrest and his emotional state (he’s still not over Adrian’s exit) may cause of him to not see things clearly.

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