‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Desiree Hartsock’s brother vs. Sean Lowe

DesireeUsually, the “evil brother” is a phase that someone goes through when they are about ten years old, and they want to cause all sorts of trouble for their siblings out of a need for attention. However, this person more often than not ends up getting over this by the time they are an adolescent.

When it comes to the brother of Desiree Hartsock on “The Bachelor,” meanwhile, not so much. He may not be an “evil brother,” but he’s certainly a judgmental one. As you can see yet again in the video below (or for the first time if you did not catch all of the episode on Monday night), this guy actually felt the need during his sister’s hometown date with Sean Lowe to actually come across as combative rather than a guy with genuine concerns.

In reality, we don’t necessarily disagree with much of what he is saying here. It’s understandable that you would have concerns about Sean or any other man in this role, as he is dating both someone you care for and three other women at the same time. You want to make sure that they won’t get hurt, and that they are not being used for drama and/or publicity.

However, there is a much better way to go around it beyond just acting rude to Sean’s face and not even giving the guy a chance rather than jump on him from the get-go. We have seen other family member sin the past address the same concerns, but they have done so far more civilly than how Desiree’s brother is handling it here. If this promo is not meant to mislead us, this could actually be what causes Sean to send Des home. He may be willing to overcome a potential brother-in-law who doesn’t like him, but there are three other choices out there that seem more welcoming. Even Lindsay’s father, a two-star Army general, seems less interested in casting him aside.

What do you think: is Desiree’s brother ruining her chances at success, or is this a part of some sort of prank or editing trick? We want to hear your thoughts below, and you can read more about Tierra LiCausi’s outburst over here.

Photo: ABC


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