‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3, episode 19 review: The mystery of Jason DiLaurentis

Pretty Little LiarsEver since the big reveal that Toby was a part of the “A Team,” “Pretty Little Liars” has slowly and surely bore witness to the fall of Spencer Hastings. At one point, she was the intelligent girl who had everything going for her: friends, academics, and a great boyfriend. Now, she has isolated herself, lost her spot on the debate team, and has resorted to trying to take her clothes off in order to get what she wants.

To make matters worse, this week saw the return of Wren as a “savior” to her appointed by Mona. You knew that this wasn’t going to end well, right? Basically, Spencer decided to use the questionably-good Doctor to travel up to the site of the future debate and get Mona in a choke-hold. Wren is looking out for her for now, but we are not so sure it will be this way forever.

Strangely, Spencer was not the character in the most trouble this week; instead, it was Emily who found herself trapped in an elevator with Jason (presumably a product of “A’s” doing). Of course, this was not an easy thing to deal  with, but the only thing that made it even worse was the sight of seeing Alison DiLaurentis’ older brother seemingly plunge to almost his doom after she escaped.

Bad news also awaited Hanna this week, who spent almost the entire episode trying to figure out how to reconcile Caleb with his estranged father. The problem? Despite promises that he had “changed,” it turned out at the very end that he had not given up his thieving ways just yet.

While it seems a little bit more inconsequential at this point, shouldn’t we also point out that Aria kissed Ezra’s little brother Wesley? In the immediate future we imagine Jason being hospitalized (and then disappear from his bed) to be more pressing, but this will come back up at some point.

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