Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12: Does Gene need a lawyer?

Better Call SaulWe know that Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12 is coming to AMC next week and, of course, there are many things to wonder about.

Take, for example, whether or not Gene Takovic is going to be arrested, and just how concerned we should really be. The teaser below absolutely makes it seem as though the cops are coming for him, but this could prove to be very much deceiving. Could these officers be showing up after the fact to the break-in? That feels possible.

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Ultimately, the caption “get a lawyer” in the tweet below makes us the most curious. Would the real irony be Jimmy McGill needing his own potentially-crooked lawyer to save his hide? It almost feels that way. There would be a sense of irony in this that the writers would appreciate. It’d also parallel Breaking Bad in a unique way, where Walt ends up dying of another cause after spending most of the show thinking he will die of cancer.

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One of the theories that is online is that Kim Wexler could return as Gene’s attorney in the final episodes but to us, that’d be way too convenient. Kim resigned from the Bar, for starters. Also, she would have to be in Nebraska! For the time being, there is no clear sense of where she is or what she is up to; the only evidence we have is that phone call, which 100% is making us go crazy from this past episode. Did Gene even speak to his ex-wife? We’ve been told that there are answers coming eventually, but we may have to be patient in order to get them.

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