Mayans MC season 5 premiere date: The most likely months

Mayans MCNow that we know that a Mayans MC season 5 is coming to FX, we can officially move to the next order of business: Trying to learn more as to when it is returning on the network. Is there a specific date in mind you should look out for? While there may be nothing super-specific as of yet, we can at least use the last two seasons as some sort of guide.

While originally the motorcycle drama was a show that aired in the fall, the arrival of the global health crisis back in 2020 changed that. Season 3 was held until the spring of 2021, and we saw season 4 premiere at around the same time in 2022.

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When you consider all of this, our feeling is that Mayans MC is going to be a spring series from here on out and this is something that makes a certain degree of sense. There’s a lot of TV to compete against in the fall, and the presence of this show from March until May does allow FX to have a fairly stacked lineup. That’s something that the powers-that-be are very much aware of at the moment.

So if you are trying your best to project any future air dates for season 5, we would say to circle March, April, and May as possibilities. While the show could theoretically premiere later than that, it’s hard to see the logic unless the episodes just aren’t ready in time. Traditionally, airing in the summer comes with its fair share of challenges, from a smaller live audience to viewers simply having movies and a number of other distractions due to the warmer weather.

No matter when it airs, let’s just hope that season 5 is both intense and also pays off a lot of the big stories that have been set up so far.

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