Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12: EP on that Kim phone call

Better Call Saul KimAre we ever going to learn about the phone call Gene Takovic made on Better Call Saul season 6 episode 12? This is totally something we’re desperate to learn more about, and for good reason!

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For context, at one point during last night’s “Breaking Bad” episode, Gene made a call to the last place he knew Kim Wexler was working. We didn’t hear exactly what was said, but after the fact he more or less destroyed the phone booth in frustration. Did she speak to him? Did something happen to her? There are so many things we still need an answer to.

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So why did the writers choose to keep this a mystery, at least for the time being? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, here is what Tom Schnauz (who wrote and directed the episode) had to say on the subject:

…We will learn the details of the phone call; we will know what was said in a future episode. It’s just right now we wanted to keep the mystery going of: What is going on in the world of Kim Wexler? You said she’s alive, but I don’t know. Is she alive? Can you tell from that phone call? He asked for Kim Wexler [laughs] on the end of that line and then heard something that made him slam the phone down and break the glass. So we’ll find out in a future episode exactly what words were spoken.

For those wondering, Schnauz also indicated in this interview that we will see more of Bryan Cranston as Walter White, and that his current run on the series is not over. The question that remains, at least to us, is whether we’re learn anything substantial from those appearances. As much as we enjoyed seeing Walt/Jesse last night, it mostly felt included for the sake of fan service.

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What do you think we’re going to see when it comes to Better Call Saul and Kim Wexler moving forward?

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