Riverdale season 7 spoilers: Is Archie, cast back in high school?

Archie RiverdaleAs we prepare for the final season of Riverdalethere are all sorts of questions we’re left to wonder in terms of what the future holds.

After all, how can we not wonder that based on what happened at the end of season 6? Archie Andrews found himself transported back in time after the comet was stopped, and now, he’s a teenage version of his 1950’s self. As a matter of fact, all of the characters are! This is going to be a chance to tell a very different sort of story that is in some ways, similar to the original Archie Comics. However, there will be some twists that come back over time. Jughead seemingly is the only one who knows the truth about this timeline, so is he going to do something to inform the others? You have to wonder.

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Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had the following to say about why this twist was devised entering the final batch of episodes:

It came from a couple of places. At various points in [season 6], we had talked about what our last season could be and various people had been very nostalgic about when the kids were in high school. KJ [Apa] said to me at some point, “Man, remember when we were in high school and I was on the football team?” And Mark Pedowitz at the CW had a conversation with Jon Goldwater and said something like, “Oh remember when the kids were in high school?” We talked about it in the room and we were sort of like, gosh, could we go back and put everyone back in high school? But we’ve done that. They were in high school for four-plus years. It would feel like a repeat. So we were in a conundrum.

So how do you resolve that conundrum? By playing around with time! This was a chance to really deliver something different, and also give the actors some exciting new material that works as somewhat of a reset. Here’s what Aguirre-Sacasa had to say about that to the aforementioned publication:

It felt like all we’re going to do for season 7 is sort of a lesser version of the high school years. But in thinking about nostalgia and then coming off of our big supernatural, mythic, Stephen King-like season, we knew we needed to make our last season really, really special. One thing everyone can agree on is that whenever we have our characters in their iconic comic book outfits from the 1950s, people are delighted. Cole [Sprouse] was so happy when he didn’t have to wear the beanie again but he said to me, “But, man, I’ll wear that crown till the day I die.” So we thought: What if we go back to high school, but instead of high school in the present, we make it high school in the 1950s, which is how a lot of people think of the Archie characters.

The only request we have entering the final season is that eventually, you work to make sure the past several years of storytelling matters; you can’t just ignore or avoid any of these moments.

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