Yellowjackets season 2 premiere date: What you need to know

Yellowjackets season 1Yellowjackets season 2 is coming to Showtime, and it’s easy to be excited about it. This was one of the best shows of the past 12 months!

Unfortunately, we are still facing the harsh reality that we’ll be waiting for a long period of time to see what’s next. There is not premiere date out there yet, and we’re left to simply speculate about both that and how crazy things are going to become! While we can’t give you any story spoilers, we can help to prepare you for what’s coming.

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If you look below, you can see five different things worth noting, both in terms of when the show could come out and some of what to anticipate.

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Filming has yet to start – This is the biggest roadblock to a premiere, but luckily, it is going to be kicking off in August! This means, more than likely, we’ll get at least a few interesting teases here and there.

Showtime wanted season 2 to premiere this year – We should note that this comment was originally said several months ago, so it may no longer be applicable with anything that is realistically going on.

Winter will be a key part of the story – We already saw what happened with Jackie in the snow, and dealing with the cold will prove to be a big challenge for all of the characters in the past.

Prepare to meet Adult Lottie! – This is probably the first major casting news we will get for the new season, as the character’s presence was teased within the closing minutes of the season 1 finale.

We will most likely get more premiere-date news this year – Even if it’s not a specific date, we have a hard time thinking that Showtime is going to let the rest of 2022 slide without dropping some bit of info out there.

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