The Blacklist season 10 premiere date: Why the fall is still important

The BlacklistThe Blacklist season 10 is not coming to NBC this fall. Unfortunately, that news is abundantly clear at the moment. However, we know that there’s still a chance for some good news at some point between the months of September and December! We’re not looking at a barren wasteland here, even if it may feel that way.

So what sort of stuff will the next few months bring us? Let’s just say that there are some fun conversations to be had…

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First and foremost, we are expecting some sort of casting news shortly after the series kicks off production on new episodes. We can’t imagine a Task Force functioning with just Ressler, Cooper, and Dembe, and who knows if Dembe will even still be a part of it or not?

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Following that, we imagine we’ll start to get at least a few teases as to what the season 10 story could be, beyond just the super-generic line of former Blacklisters coming back for revenge on Reddington. Provided the show comes back in January, we imagine that a formal premiere date will be announced at some point in November. (Of course, we won’t be mad if it comes earlier than that.)

As for a trailer / promo … we’d love to say that we’re going to get some. It’s just hard to be that confident. Because of the lack of NBC promotion we got for season 9, we may be a bit more reliant on some teases from the cast as production goes along. Hopefully, we’ll at least have a few things to sink our teeth into, and there will be a way to build up anticipation for what could end up being the show’s final chapter. Nothing is confirmed there…

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When do you think we’re going to get official news on The Blacklist season 10 over at NBC?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below! After you do that, stay put — that’s an optimal way to ensure you don’t miss any more updates. (Photo: NBC.)

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