‘The Lying Game’ season 2, episode 6 preview: Will Laurel keep Emma and Sutton’s secret?

The Lying GameOn last week’s episode of “The Lying Game” Laurel was starting to suspect that something wasn’t right with Sutton – she was hot, she was cold, she was showing up places when she should be somewhere else and she was in love with Thayer one minute and non-committal the next.

Laurel finally decided to indulge her suspicions that Sutton was actually two people, since at that point there had been one too many times that “Sutton” was in two places at the same time.  Laurel snuck out of the house and followed Sutton to Rebecca’s house, but while she was trying to listen in on their conversation from atop a fence, Laurel fell to the ground, seriously injuring herself.  Since Sutton had taken back her place in public and Emma was sent back to the cabin to hide out, Emma wasn’t able to actually get into the hospital to see Laurel unless she exposed herself to her.  Emma ultimately decided that it was time to bring Laurel in on the secret that so many others already know about, and hoped that she would forgive her for lying to her.

Now that Laurel knows that Emma and Sutton are twins what is she planning to do with the information?  Will she tell Kristen and Ted what she knows or will she keep it to herself and what about her relationship with Sutton, how will that be affected?  In a preview for tomorrow night’s all new episode (you can check it out below), we see Emma and Thayer parked outside of the hospital debating on what they think Laurel will do with the secret she has shared with her.  When we see Kristen and Ted bringing Laurel to their car to take her home, Emma feels fairly confident that she has kept the secret.  More then that, now that Laurel knows Emma thinks that she will help her.

A new episode of “The Lying Game” called “Catch Her in the Lie” airs Tuesday, February 12th at 9 p.m. on ABC Family, so be sure to tune in and see what Laurel decides to do now that she knows the truth about Emma and Sutton.

Photo: ABC Family

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