Yellowjackets season 2 premiere date: An episode length debate

Yellowjackets season 1We know that whenever we arrive at the Yellowjackets season 2 premiere date on Showtime, we are on the precipice of something epic. This is a show that had a breakthrough first season, and we tend to believe it has grown exponentially in popularity over the past six months. This is in part the power of good television, but also a reminder that there is SO much TV on at any given moment. It is almost impossible for anyone to be able to know about every good show right when it is currently airing.

So will Showtime or the producers take advantage of the spike in popularity with a larger, extended premiere? It makes sense for that to happen, but there is no guarantee that we’ll end up getting it.

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In general, Showtime (like Starz and HBO) does try to have its episodes limited to around an hour; however, there are rare occasions where that can change. The reason for the specific limit is that it can get confusing schedule-wise to have episodes at random times, especially in some international markets where there are other concerns that have to be considered.

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However, we do think that some of this is going to be changing, largely in that Yellowjackets, like many other premium cable shows in 2022, is mostly watched either digitally or via DVR / On-Demand. Watching live TV is a thing of the past for a huge percentage of the total audience. If there is a story-specific reason to make the season 2 premiere an hour and ten minutes, for example, that could happen and honestly, it should. Don’t put limitations on something great, especially when you know there is this much enthusiasm.

With filming set to begin next month for season 2, our hope is for an early 2023 launch — but we’d also be thrilled if it comes out in December.

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What do you think we’re going to see in regards to a Yellowjackets season 2 premiere date?

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